September 18, 2020
Claire Kerrane TD launches survey on household debt

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Social Protection, Claire Kerrane TD, has today launched a survey on Household Debt. 

Teachta Kerrane said: “Over the last seven months, many people right across the State have lost their jobs and faced a sudden wipe-out of their income. Thousands have been laid off temporarily and placed on an income below what they were earning pre-Covid. 

“Households have seen their energy bills soar as they spend more time at home than usual. Supports introduced since Covid hit, such as the so-called ‘mortgage holiday’, did nothing but increase mortgage costs for families. 

“Workers and families have been under immense pressure and where they might have just been managing to get by before Covid, they are struggling now in an unprecedented way. 

“Before we ever heard of Covid, Ireland had the fifth highest household debt in the EU. Yet, this has never been tackled by Government. It isn’t even talked about. 

“We need to put household debt on the agenda and ensure that it gets the serious attention that it deserves. 

“My Household Debt survey seeks to establish the reality of household debt in Ireland, how it impacts on peoples lives and what needs to change to give people the support they need. 

“We need to support workers and families at this crucial time. Some may be struggling with day-to-day costs for the very first time. For others, life was already a financial struggle prior to Covid and the pandemic has only made it even harder. 

“I am asking people to take part in my Household Debt survey so we can ascertain the true level of household debt and establish what needs to happen to address this.”


The survey is available to view online by clicking this link

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