February 7, 2024
Belfast solidarity rally calls for unconditional ceasefire in Gaza

Sinn Féin MLA Declan Kearney tonight addressed activists in Belfast’s Europa Hotel calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, alongside the Palestinian Ambassador to Ireland, and Mustafa Barghouti, live from Ramallah.

The party’s National Chairperson said:

“For over 124 days we have watched a war of genocide be broadcast and recorded in real time by the victims of that same genocide, with more than 27,000 Palestinians now confirmed dead.

“Ethnic cleansing and genocide is being implemented across Palestine by the Israeli government with total impunity, and with the complicity of the US, Britain, and other western powers. 

“Across Ireland, Sinn Féin is introducing motions in councils which will require the compliance of ethical investment and purchasing practices. 

“In Dáil Éireann, we have called on the Irish government to join South Africa’s legal case against Israeli genocide at the ICJ. In an appalling failure of leadership, the government parties refused to do so. 

“This March we will use the access created in Washington, through promotion of our peace process, with White House, State Department National Security officials, and on Capitol Hill, to demand an end to Israel’s war and promote Palestinian national freedom. 

“Whether at home or abroad, all Irish influence must be used on behalf of Palestine. We must not be silent. We will ensure the plight of the Palestinian people is spoken of, and heard everywhere. We refuse to stop talking about Palestine. 

“The Palestinian people need the combined political and civic pressure of Ireland to be used at home, and internationally on their behalf. 

“To achieve a permanent, unconditional ceasefire. The withdrawal of all Israeli forces from both Gaza and the West Bank. And an end to the human suffering of every Palestinian through effective initiatives, and campaigns. 

“This should take primacy over everything else.

“To the oppressed and dispossessed of Palestine, Ireland sees you, we are with you forever, and will never abandon you.” 

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