October 25, 2022
Assembly to call for Executive to support struggling workers, families and business – Sheehan

Speaking after recall of the Assembly was requested to elect ministers and form an Executive before the 28 October deadline, the party’s Chief Whip Pat Sheehan said:

“We need an Executive formed now to immediately support workers, families and businesses who are struggling with crippling bills and all those people who are suffering on chronic health waiting lists. 

“The clock is ticking. We have three days to form a government. The DUP is continuing to block an Executive in the full knowledge that they are punishing ordinary people who are struggling to heat their homes this winter. The DUP is engaged in reckless political vandalism.

“Chaos and dysfunction from the Tories in London, supported by the DUP, has compounded people’s suffering. Mortgages are up, public services are under threat and the economy is in tatters. People and businesses need local ministers that are accountable and acting in their interest. 

“Sinn Féin is ready to form an Executive today to deal with the cost-of-living crisis and to invest an extra £1 billion to start fixing our health service.

“The DUP should join with the rest of us in the Assembly, get back to work, elect ministers and get around the Executive table so that parties can work together to support people who need our help now.” 


We, the undersigned, give notice to the Speaker, under Standing Order 11, that the Assembly should meet urgently to elect a Speaker and Deputy Speakers, appoint a First Minister and deputy First Ministers and all other Executive Ministers and to debate the following motion: 

“That this Assembly expresses deep concern at the deepening cost of living crisis; is further concerned that the ongoing instability at Westminster has compounded these financial pressures; supports the urgent convening of an Executive to support our public services and provide urgent help for those struggling with the cost-of-living crisis.” 

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This Government is like the last guest at a party who has worn out their welcome but still won't go.

Be very clear: The day is coming when they will have to face the verdict of the people.

So when a General Election is called, vote for hope, vote for change and vote this failed…

This was the time to call a general election, but the government didn’t have the guts to call one.

We need change like never before. We need a new government that will put workers, families, and community first.

It’s time for new people with new ideas.  It’s time for change.

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