November 4, 2022
More Tory dithering and indecision as workers and families continue to struggle – O’Neill

Sinn Féin Leas-Uachtarán Michelle O’Neill said today that the British Secretary of State is adding to political instability and leaving struggling workers and families in a state of limbo during a cost-of-living crisis. 

Speaking after Chris Heaton-Harris confirmed his bizarre u-turn on an Assembly election, the Michelle O’Neill said: 

“Today’s announcement is more dithering and indecision from the British Secretary of State and a continuation of the Tory chaos in London that is now paralysing our politics. 

“Chris Heaton Harris met with political parties this week and failed to give any indication of what he announced today. 

“Instead he has confirmed the bizarre u-turn he made last week but once again he provides no clarity or certainty on what his next steps even are. 

“This is yet another example of the Tory party’s contempt for the people of the north.

“The British government are fuelling the political instability caused by the DUP’s failure to recognise the result of the May election when the people voted for change.

“The British government and the DUP are leaving us in a prolonged state of political limbo with no Assembly, Executive or caretaker ministers. 

“This is totally unacceptable at a time when workers, families and small businesses are struggling through the cost-of-living crisis and a cold winter and when our health service needs immediate investment. 

“People want parties working together in their best interests and making a real difference to their lives right now. The British government are denying people the leadership they voted for in a bid to let the DUP off the hook.

“The British Secretary of State should outline now exactly what the British government intends to do to restore the political institutions here and how and when they propose to give people here the £400 cost of living energy payment they have waited months for.

“Delays and indecision is not an acceptable situation for people here who need help now.”

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