May 20, 2024
Massive year on year rent increase in Limerick, Government must do more–Maurice Quinlivan TD

Limerick Mayoral candidate, Maurice Quinlivan TD, has said that the year-on-year average rent increases in Limerick City and County demonstrate the failure of the government’s housing policy. 

The Sinn Féin TD called for the Government to urgently ban rent increases for all existing and new tenants.

Speaking today, Deputy Quinlivan stated:

 “The latest report showing a massive year on year increase in rents across Limerick is very concerning. Families, workers, and young people deserve and need affordable housing and affordable rents. Sinn Féin’s proposal to cut rents and freeze them would have prevented these massive increases in rents.

The recent findings show that the average rent in Limerick City is €1,608 per month with a massive 17.5% year on year increase. Limerick county has seen similarly expensive rent with the average rent standing at €1,406 per month a 4.95% year on year increase.”

Commenting further, the Mayoral candidate stated:

 “Expecting young people and young families to pay this amount each month is unsustainable. When will it end? Renters in Limerick cannot keep taking these kinds of rent hikes. They need a break. But this government does not care about renters. That much is clear.

“Despite this obvious housing crisis in Limerick causing misery to families and workers, you wouldn’t know it listening to the government candidates for Mayor. They need to tell people, do they stand over this housing crisis? How much more do they want rent prices to rise in Limerick before they will act?”

He added:

 “The government tell us they are making an impact on housing. Unfortunately, that impact is just putting affordable housing and affordable rents further out of reach for people. No wonder so many young people who cannot afford his level of rents are emigrating.

“Government must urgently introduce a ban on rent increases for existing and new tenancy. They must also put a full month’s rent back in every private renter’s pocket. The government also needs to increase and accelerate the delivery of social and affordable homes, including cost rental homes, so that renters are not left at the mercy of an expensive and insecure private rental sector.”

Concluding his comments, the Limerick Deputy stated: 

“Sinn Féin are committed to easing the burden on workers families. It is impossible to see how people can pay such rent while trying to save for a deposit for mortgagee. As Mayor, I will commit to addressing the challenges facing renters and those in need of housing. Limerick has been left behind by successive governments and the latest report indicates that this trend is unlikely to change. 

 “Only a change of government and the election of a Mayor that will stand up for workers and families will allow us to start cleaning up the mess of decades of bad Fiana Fáil and Fine Gael housing policy in Limerick.”

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