Mary Lou McDonald

Change starts here - Tosaíonn athrú anseo

Change starts with the Local and European elections.

If you want change, you have to vote for it in the European elections, in the Local elections, and in the General Election when it comes.

We have a government that is out of touch, that doesn’t understand the challenges we are facing, and won’t stand up to the European Union when needed.

Sinn Féin in Europe will stand up for Ireland.

Tosaíonn an t-athrú anseo. Seo í an chéad chéim.

Voting for Sinn Féin in the election is the first step to getting this disastrous government out of office.

Change starts here. Vótáil Sinn Féin.


Michelle Gildernew

Michelle Gildernew

Chris MacManus

Chris MacManus


Daithí Doolan

Daithí Doolan

Lynn Boylan

Lynn Boylan


Kathleen Funchion

Kathleen Funchion

Paul Gavan

Paul Gavan

Standing up for Ireland – Ag Seasamh Suas d’Éirinn

Making the EU work better for you

  • Getting the EU back to basics including focusing on regional development, workers’ rights and consumer rights.
  • Ag coinneáil veto atá Éirinn ar cheisteanna áirthe ar mhaithe le muid a chosaint ó shuimeanna polaitiúla, eacnamaíochta agus míleata na dtíortha móra.
  • Ensuring that Ireland’s public expenditure on healthcare, affordable housing and climate action is not hampered by EU Fiscal or State Aid Rules.
  • Ensuring Ireland continues to make our own decisions on migration and delivers a system that is fair, efficient and enforced.
  • Ensuring ambitious climate action that’s fair and makes corporate polluters pay.
  • Securing space for nature, protecting wildlife and strengthening funding for urban parks and biodiversity.
  • Ensuring EU support for Lifelong Learning and Community Development
  • Standing up for the people of Palestine, canceling the EU’s Horizon funding for Israel and working to end the genocide.

Farming and Fishing

  • Seeking an increased CAP budget for our family farmers.
  • New funding for farmers outside of CAP for biodiversity and nature restoration measures.
  • Opposing EU free trade agreements such as Mercosur that are detrimental to Irish family farmers.
  • Securing a fair share of the fish and wealth from Irish waters for our Irish fishing industry.


  • Sinn Féin wants to ensure the EU works for peace, security and the protection of human rights. Sinn Féin MEPs will work to halt the militarisation agenda within the EU and the creation of an EU army.
  • Sinn Féin MEPs will defend Ireland’s neutrality and work for recognition of the position of neutral states within the EU Treaties.
  • Seasfaidh Sinn Féin an fód ar son neodracht na hÉireann.

Planning for Irish Unity

Achieving a United Ireland is part of the change that Sinn Féin is committed to delivering.

A United Ireland will be a better, fairer and strong country.

Sinn Féin MEPs will work to ensure that the EU is proactive in support of Irish Unity and that the provision of financial support for German reunification serves as a precedent for Irish reunification.

Seo chugainn uair na pleanála ar son Aontú na hÉireann.

Mary Lou McDonald TD

President, Sinn Féin

European Election Manifesto 2024