December 5, 2019
Adams confident Institutions will be restored

Sinn Féin Louth TD Gerry Adams is in Foyle today campaigning with Elisha McCallion.

Gerry Adams was asked about the visit of Fianna Fáil leader Mícheál Martin to Derry. 

Gerry Adams said:

“Mícheál Martin is very welcome here and I hope he stays around long enough to listen to the voters and the very clear annoyance of people across the North at the way Fianna Fáil and Micheál Martin in particular use the North for very narrow partisan political purposes.”

Commenting on the issues affecting citizens Gerry Adams expressed solidarity with health workers:

“Health is a huge concern for citizens and for Sinn Féin. Michelle O’Neill, who will be the next Joint First Minister in a new Executive, and Bairbre de Brún were Ministers for Health. They were very good at responding to the needs of staff and patients. 

“Sinn Féin took on this responsibility because we face up to these challenges. We know what affects people and you can see that in our record in the Executive – unlike the SDLP who walked out – who left the Executive.

“The Tory party is an austerity party and if Boris Johnson is returned we are doomed to another decade of austerity unless we change the game. 

“Brexit is bad for us all. We need to reject it. The people of this island have to look at how we can rule ourselves, look after our own services, the needs of workers and workers’ families, instead of being ruled by a high Tory like Johnson.”

Commenting on the possibility of a deal Gerry Adams said:

“I believe we will have the power-sharing institutions back in place. We will do that as quickly as the basis for it can be established and we will tackle these issues, like health, urgently.

“We had a deal with the DUP in February 2018 which they walked away from.  

“I know for a fact that Mary Lou and Michelle have been trying to work with the DUP to get these neuralgic issues dealt with.

“So there is a need for the DUP to face up to their responsibilities. We want to see the DUP accepting once and for all that people have rights. A deal can be done. There was a huge distraction for two years when the DUP stepped out of northern politics. They let their Westminster team dictate the pace, did a confidence and supply deal with the Tories – which I said at the time would end in tears – and it has ended in tears.

“I would like to think that ordinary working class unionists will look at the scourge of Brexit, at the fact that the DUP has rejected those who voted remain, and will make sensible judgements in this election.” 

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