April 21, 2022
British government attempts to break International Law and derail negotiations condemned

Sinn Féin Brexit spokesperson Declan Kearney has condemned threats by the British Government to take unilateral action on the Protocol and to break international law. 

The Sinn Féin representative said:

“I condemn these most recent threats by the British government to take unilateral action on the Protocol which will breach international law and potentially derail the ongoing talks process with the EU.

“This senseless position from the British government is completely out of touch with the majority of people in the north who support the the Protocol and accept that it is here to stay.

“People know that the Protocol protects our economy and prevents a hard border on the island of Ireland. Moreover fact checking organisations are increasingly rubbishing the false claims by the DUP and Tories in the protocol.

“Throughout this process the EU has acted in good faith; the European commission took steps earlier this month to resolve the medicines issues and continues to look for other solutions.

“The way forward will be found through the joint committee and constructive engagement and not by the British Government continuously acting in bad faith.”