March 31, 2022
Changes to red diesel use will hit businesses and farmers already struggling

Sinn Féin economy spokesperson Caoimhe Archibald has said changes to what red diesel can be used for from tomorrow (Friday 1st April) will hit businesses already struggling with increased costs and will put jobs at risk.

Caoimhe Archibald said:

“The British government need to rethink its decision to end the red diesel rebate.

“The changes will hit businesses in construction, quarrying and manufacturing which are already struggling with increased costs of materials and soaring energy prices, and they will put jobs at risk.

“The British Chancellor needs to look at this again and restore the rebate.“Businesses need practical support.

“This change to the entitlement to use red diesel won’t reduce emissions but it will however increase revenues for the British Treasury, that is already benefiting from increased VAT receipts of rising costs.”