March 25, 2022
UN experts support for Colin Harvey welcome

Sinn Féin MLA Emma Sheerin has welcomed an intervention by UN experts in support of human rights lawyer Colin Harvey.

The Mid Ulster MLA said:

“I welcome a statement from UN human rights experts condemning an ongoing smear campaign against human rights lawyer Colin Harvey.

“The statement was clear, experts warned that the ongoing smear campaign against Mr Harvey threatens academic freedom and has the potential to spark physical violence.

“The statement expressed concern that those in positions of power and influence were fuelling these conspiracies against Mr Harvey, and this was evident by the DUP’s behaviour at the Bill of Rights committee.

“A Bill of Rights guaranteeing human rights for all citizens is no threat to anyone but the DUP is unwilling and incapable of delivering on rights, whether that is for women, our LGBT+ citizens, our Irish language community and others.”